Innerviews - Music Without Borders
Rob Fetters

Truth is a relative concept for singer-songwriter Rob Fetters of Psychodots and Bears fame. It’s at the core of Saint Ain’t, his new solo album brimming with tightly-constructed, imaginative rock and pop anthems that explore personal accountability and the repercussions of action and inaction.

Kronos Quartet

Kronos Quartet’s transformative influence on the worlds of classical and new music is remarkable. The group, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, has totally redefined what it means to be a string quartet. Founder David Harrington offers unprecedented insight into its incredible journey.


The Swiss minimalist groove quartet worked with a totally blank canvas when making its latest album Static Motion. Learn what transpired when the band created an environment in which anything could happen and the musicians were free to create without the limitations of traditional forms.

Tim Bowness

Abandoned Dancehall Dreams is Tim Bowness' most diverse and mercurial statement to date. He examines the creation of this reflective journey that uses stories and scenes from Britain's dancehalls of the 1920s-1960s as a framework to relay his own social and musical evolution.

Mike Keneally

Mike Keneally’s musical vision stretches across a vast horizon. He goes behind the scenes of You Must Be This Tall, his new expansive, largely instrumental rock album full of drama and intricate, intriguing moments. Keneally also digs deep into his recent work with XTC's Andy Partridge.

Joe Boyd

One of the 20th century’s most important and influential producers reflects on his fabled career, the art of pushing artists beyond their comfort zones, fighting for a musical vision, the state of modern record creation, and the making of recent Nick Drake and Kate McGarrigle live tribute albums.