Innerviews - Music Without Borders

Rez Abbasi
Organic influences (2008)
Will Ackerman
Beholding the remarkable (1998)
Afro Celt Sound System
Connecting cultures (2010)
Maverick modulations (2001)
Kiran Ahluwalia
Intrepid connections (2012)
Tori Amos
Inclusive variations (2009)
Drama of the gifted child (1992)
Ian Anderson
Changing realities (2000)
Laurie Anderson
The big picture (1990)
Animal Logic
Sound reasoning (1989)
Chris Arduser
Lush angularity (2008)
Joseph Arthur
Primal Surges (2004)
Asian Dub Foundation
Collective musings (2006)

Joy Askew
Designing angles (2004)
Howie B
On the prowl (1999)
Baba Zula
Reinventing Turkish tradition (2012)
Reinvigorating roots (2008)
Balkan Fanatik
Balance and coexistence (2010)
Iain Ballamy
Sound, space and instinct (2003)
Converging philosophies (1993)
Nik Bärtsch
Seductive dramaturgy (2013)
Michael Bearpark
Thoughtful pursuits (2009)
The Bears
Collective prowl (2005)
Immediate chemistry (2002)
Adrian Belew
The mind's turntable (1992)
Pierre Bensusan
Imagination and suggestion (2011)
Extending the possibilities (2005)
Servant of the music (1999)

Jeff Berlin
Vision quest (2002)
Tim Berne
Resolute refraction (2012)
Iva Bittová
Elemental expression (2013)
Channeling thunderstorms (2004)
Luka Bloom
Bard attitude (2006)
Tim Bowness
Embracing change (2014)
Endless possibilities (2007)
Joe Boyd
The DNA of creativity (2014)
George Brooks
Global conversations (2012)
Bill Bruford
Ferocious intensity (1998)
Splashing out (1992)
Guy Buttery
Expressing versatility (2007)

California Guitar Trio
Multiverse mastery (2013)
Alain Caron
No compromises (2007)
Options and intuitions (1996)
Lori Carson
Transcendent moments (1997)
Ron Carter
Recasting the past (2008)
Cloud Chamber
On the moment's edge (1998)
Sheila Chandra
Natural extensions (2000)
Barry Cleveland
Beyond convention (2011)
Fiery forays (2004)

Steve Coleman
Digging deep (2008)
Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier
Opening doors (2010)
Deborah Conway
It's a girl thing (1997)
Michel Cusson
Success through diversity (1996)
Dr. Das
The politics of dub bass (2007)
Alex de Grassi
Subtleties and intricacies (2007)
No strings attached (1997)
Al Di Meola
Telling it like it is (2003)

Ani DiFranco
Out on a limb (2012)
Djam Karet
Elastic reflections (1991)
Kai Eckhardt
Investing in the fundamentals (2008)
Unknown zones (2001)
Colin Edwin
Riding a sonic storm (2007)
Unrest and play (2006)
Suggesting the intangible (1997)

Fairport Convention
Come all ye (2002)
Larry Fast
Evolutionary snapshots (2004)
Stephen Fearing
Propulsive movement (2009)
Rob Fetters
Play your guitar (2014)
Tone jones (2005)
Death of the wrong desires (1999)

Mirroring influences (1993)
David Fiuczynski
Global microjamming (2008)
Transcending influences (2006)
Rory Gallagher
Outside the establishment (1991)
Matt Garrison
Chosen paths (2001)

Turning it on again (2007)
The Golden Palominos
Control and resolution (1997)
Bunky Green
Urgency and continuity (2012)
Trey Gunn
Searching the perimeter (1998)
Interlocking contexts (1994)

Steve Hackett
Reimagining history (2012)
Aural ambushes (2010)
Walking away from rainbows (1993)
Peter Hammill
In the now (2013)
Fareed Haque
Pushing sonic envelopes (2006)
Eliminating the fear factor (2005)
Michael Hedges
Inspiration and imagination (1994)
Savage mythology (1990)
Jonas Hellborg
Grids of reality (2001)
Scott Henderson
Roots and branches (1999)

John Hiatt
Less is more (2004)
Steve Hillage
Organic continuum (2010)
Reaching beyond (2008)
Allan Holdsworth
Harnessing momentum (2008)
Imaginary backdrops (1993)
Dave Holland
Fundamental truths (2000)
Deborah Holland
Mercurial snapshots (2009)
All the world's a page (1999)

Steve Howe
Into the storm (2012)
Small acts of kindness (2003)
Vijay Iyer
Reflections of reality (2008)
Enver Izmaylov
Worldly colors (2010)
Joan Jeanrenaud
The beat of the moment (2011)
Richard Leo Johnson
Myth and man (2006)
Marc Johnson
Underpinning genius (2008)
Howard Jones
Visceral immediacy (2013)

Henry Kaiser and Chris Muir
Miles beyond (2005)
Karsh Kale
Raw frequencies (2006)
Finding beauty in chaos (2003)
Mick Karn
Sculpting sonics (1996)
Zoë Keating
Reflecting motion (2010)
Mike Keneally
Shameless self-fulfilment (2014)
Lifting the veil (2000)
Dave Kerzner
Transforming passion (2013)
Alam Khan
Modern messenger (2012)

Dave Kilminster
Any color you like (2010)
Leo Kottke
Duo dialogues (2006)
Kronos Quartet
Infinite horizons (2014)
Greg Lake
New perspectives (2011)
Jeff Lang
Sublime subversions (2007)
Peter Lang
Nuance and contrast (2008)
Bill Laswell
Intuitive spontaneity (2011)
Sonic collage (1999)

Nguyên Lê
Exploding forward (2007)
Tony Levin
Stick shifts (2012)
Around the world in a disc (1996)
Lonely Universe
Mood portraits (1992)
Lionel Loueke
Linking worlds (2008)
Bon Lozaga
Grit and chaos (2010)

Pat MacDonald
Prescriptive impulses (2007)
Fresh horizons (2004)
Rudresh Mahanthappa
Hybrid energy (2011)
Michael Manring
Solo voyage (2005)
Beyond genres and niches (1993)
Epic songs with epic meaning (2013)
Reflections on a decade (1992)
Balancing perspectives (1992)
Forward motion (1989)
Massive Attack
Friendly fire (1998)
Loreena McKennitt
Times of discovery (1991)
Sarah McLachlan
Redefining roles (1997)

John McLaughlin
Defying gravity (2008)
Men WIthout Hats
Recapturing the rhythm (2012)
Scott Merritt
Looking for signs (2003)
Hallucinations with strings (1990)
Pat Metheny
Dream come true (1990)
Jason Miles
Never-ending journey (2013)
Marcus Miller
Open skies (2008)
Russell Mills
Ceaseless flux (2000)
Steve Morse
Unsung hero (1992)
Collaborative departures (1991)

Patrick Moraz
Future memories (2007)
Tim Motzer
Manifold territories (2009)
Positive momentum (2008)
Disrupting structures (2000)
Bob Nyswonger
Knowledge is power (2006)
Iarla Ó Lionáird
Elastic traditions (2000)
Mike Oldfield
The messenger (2013)
Beats of daring (2004)

Stefano Panunzi
Kaleidoscopic explorations (2010)
Enemy alliance (2006)
Alan Parsons
The golden touch (2013)
Leonardo Pavkovic
Cosmopolitan continuums (2009)
Dave Pegg
In real time (1992)
Anthony Phillips
Expansive variations (2008)
Alex Pinto
Indo-jazz adventures (2011)
Jean-Luc Ponty
Independent thought (2002)
Porcupine Tree
Dream logic (2010)
Cinematic catharsis (2005)
Shadows and light (2004)
Transformative potential (2011)
Trevor Rabin
Capturing adrenaline (2004)
Vernon Reid
Transcendent opportunities (2009)
Dance with desire (2006)
Markus Reuter
Wild sonic combinations (2007)
Marc Ribot
Musical mimesis (2008)

Andy Rinehart
Irony and paradox (2006)
Isn't being wrong right? (1996)
Liquid modernity (2011)
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Raucous rhythms (2006)
Surinder Sandhu
Evolutionary processes (2005)
Jay Semko
Embracing freedom (2009)
William Shatner
Resonant scenes (2005)
Asaf Sirkis
Being is believing (2010)
Julie Slick
Harnessing serendipity (2010)
Infinite power (2014)
Spock's Beard
Dangerous inspiration (2005)
Sebastian Steinberg
Flexible agendas (2007)
Mike Stern
Diverse shadings (2010)
Daryl Stuermer
On the go (2007)
Dave Swarbrick
Bewitched by the muse (2001)
Healing influences (2007)

David Sylvian
Blowing minds wide open (2005)
Jamaaladeen Tacuma
Infusing grooves (2008)
Miroslav Tadic
Macedonian modes (2005)
The heart of the instrument (2003)
Tanya Tagaq
Instinctual invocations (2010)
Talking Heads
Remain in sight (1999)
Richard Thompson
Narrative journeys (2010)
Thinking visually (2005)
Sway into emotion (1991)
Teddy Thompson
Melancholic musings (2006)
David Torn
Intersecting ambitions (2012)
Recasting identities (2001)
Fate is not completely decided (1995)
Every mind has to be defused (1990)
Ralph Towner
Sense and sensitivity (2010)
Emotional Subtleties (2006)
Theo Travis
Constant evolution (2011)
Art Turner
Evocative elements (2006)
Eddie Turner
Psychedelic urban blues (2005)

Seamless blends (2009)
Miroslav Vitous
Freeing the muse (2004)
Rick Wakeman
Different routes (2011)
Kit Watkins
Serenity and simplicity (1996)
Elemental immersion (1993)

Sam Weber
Capturing journeys (2012)
Gary Willis
Blurring the lines (2007)
No borders, no limits (1997)
Steven Wilson
Past presence (2013)
Art as a mirror (2012)
Victor Wooten
If people were like music (1996)

Propelling forward (2012)
Perpetual change (1998)
Mark Wingfield
Imaginary places (2010)
Joe Zawinul
Man of the people (1997)